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Kodi & The Need For a VPN?

Kodi (previosly known as XBMC) is a great solution for digital streaming entertainment.  Kodi has become increasingly popular for its versatility and huge userbase. It is a free, open-source software application, which also works great with many different devices and operating systems. Kodi TV also allows users to watch live broadcasts from all over the world, listen to the radio, and play nearly any other kind of digital media as well as handling your personal home media files and libraries.

A VPN is highly recommended while using Kodi, but it isn’t an absolute requirement for Kodi to function. With a VPN your overall Kodi experience will be hugely improved, your can bypass  geographical restrictions and ISP blocks and restictions.

You can also access  official addons such as Hulu, BBC iPlayer, IceFilms and NBC Sports which have geo-location restrictions from anywhere in the world.

VPN Benifits?

Circumvent Censorship
Bypass any ISP blocks and limits to your connection, IE in UK many kodi links are blocked as well as torrents etc, with a VPN you can get around all these restrictions.

Identity Protection
Many browsers and companies use tools to collect IP addresses from your downloads and browsing habits . You can secure yourself and bypass alot of personal security issues by letting the VPN hide your real IP address.

Wi-Fi Hotspot Security
Be secure whilst using any unsecured network, less chance of being spied on or hacked even whilst using public WIFI.

A VPN Also Provides The Below Benifits!

No ISP surveillance, limits invasive ad trackers, and spying governments. With IPVanish VPN, you have the ability to mask your IP address.

This also prevents websites, online advertisers, and additional third-parties from monitoring your internet activity in real-time. Simultaneously, IPVanish protects your entire internet connection with military-grade encryption.


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