Youtube not working?, youtube problems in Kodi, The fix for kodi is here!

As some of you may know youtube is not working with Kodi and many addons which use Kodi are not working.

This is a fix / workaround to get youtube working on kodi again. This is help for all those with youtube problems and whose youtube is not working in kodi.

UPDATE: Youtube addon now has a REPO, install the repo to make sure you have future updates.

Repo is here:

Download to your device and install as zip from Kodi!

UPDATE: 03/03/2014: Try the latest version of the youtube plugin, get it at

Credit: Kolifanes

UPDATE: 23/02/2014: If the below doesn’t work for you then try this link

credits to RaspberryRabbit!

Uninstall youtube addon for a fresh install


Then install the version:


Once installed run youtube addon and try to sign in (you will need to do this twice)

youtube kodi

You will see this message:

youtube kodi

Click OK and you will see:

youtube kodi

Do as it says and goto

Enter your code and click next:

youtube kodi

Now click ALLOW

youtube kodi

Now you will see:

youtube kodi

Now try to sign in again to the youtube app (you will have to repeat the steps again – Basically activate twice)

After the 2nd activation you will now have access to youtube again in Kodi.

youtube kodi


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37 thoughts on “Youtube not working?, youtube problems in Kodi, The fix for kodi is here!”

  1. that worked???? but how can i view videos that say material is not suitable for under 18’s even though i can view this material on my pc you tube???

    • Hi Dirk, this is incorrect, it is cause by API keys and the fact that the original dev stopped working on this in Dec2015.

      But there are some good fixes out there now 😉

  2. doesn’t work for me. every day, i have to repeat the activation steps, kodi 15.2 . i tried it with kodi 16, same there. it’s driving me nuts, bcuz i can’t stand the browser version of yt.

  3. On my android boxes, the line that says “and enter the following code…” is not visible. The very tops of the letters f and l show but the rust us hidden and that progress bar

  4. I have done this twice and nothing happens… Are you supposed to let the sign in pop-up with the code load to 100% each time or can you click cancel?

    • you shouldn’t have to sign in if you using the latest link at the top of this thread, delete any previous version that may be conflicting

    • they repo version searches should just work. the api keys etc were for the older versions

      try to uninstall it and start again with just the repo version, no api keys etc

    • if soo much is not working, best bet is to uninstall kodi and try again.

      you must have some corruption somewhere if you have tried the basics like internet connection etc

  5. I’ve downloaded and installed your update/repo from zip file but and it displays in the repo list but there no new or fixed or working youtube launch option anywhere and I cant find anywhere new to install it from – where/what exactly am i supposed to go/do after your new repo is installed to make existing youtube work or install and launch a newer version of youtube addon??

    • You do nbot have to do much.
      uninstall any previous version of youtube /reboot/ install the repo and install youtube from the repo

      let me know if you need anything else

  6. Activated and Latest version installed but frustrating I have tried everything from uninstalling to reinstalling kodi and YouTube still not allowing me to use Search option everything else works except that! I keep getting error.

    ERROR: XFILE::CDirectory::GetDirectory – Error getting plugin://

    ERROR: CGUIMediaWindow::GetDirectory(plugin:// failed

    • Hi totally uninstall youtube and reboot pc/box and kodi
      then install the youtube repo only and install youtube again
      let me know

  7. I have signed in on YouTube on Kodi I have entered the code twice on the YouTube activate website sign in with my Google account all that I have changed the settings and enabled API done everything I’ve seen that is supposed to fix limit exceeded finally got it to load all the different YouTube pages but still won’t play anything says daily limit exceeded even if I go and adjust the settings but my YouTube music app works immediately first try what in the heck do I have to do to get this YouTube working on my Kodi it’s the 5.3 something version


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