Tutorial How to Install Bulldog Streams for Kodi – Robocop replacement

Sports fans your Favorite addon Robocop has had a rebirth similar to Moneysports. It is now called Bulldog Streams.

And as you can imagine is just as good if not better than Robocop (which was brilliant.)

19/04/2016 UPDATED TO V1.2, Alot of links back online

NOTE: The links seem to be hit & miss at the minute but if its anything like Robocop it will be worth it if it improves!

Here is what to expect – BT SPORTS IS BACK ;):

bulldog addon for kodi

To install Bulldog Streams:

  • Open Kodi
  • Select SYSTEM > File Manager > Add Source > None
  • Type the following EXACTLY as you see it: http://www.bulldogstreams.football/addon/zips/ and select Done
  • Highlight the box underneath Enter a name for this media Source & type bulldog & select OK
  • Go back to your Home Screen
  • Select SYSTEM > Add-Ons > Install from zip file
  • Select bulldog
  • Select repository.bulldogsteams (folder)
  • Select repository.bulldogstreams-x.x.zip
  • Wait for Add-on enabled notification
  • Select Install from repository or Get Add-Ons option
  • Select Bulldog Streams Repository
  • Select Video Add-Ons
  • Select  Bulldog Streams (or which ever add-on you want to install from the list)
  • Select Install
  • Wait for Add-on enabled notification

Bulldog Streams is now installed. The add-on can be accessed via VIDEOS > Add-Ons > Bulldog Streams from your home screen.

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26 thoughts on “Tutorial How to Install Bulldog Streams for Kodi – Robocop replacement”

  1. Hi, I installed this following the instructions. The champions league streams worked perfect but BT sport channels aren’t working. My friend also did the same and his BT sport is working. Any suggestions?

    • Its a new addon and its a bit hit and miss sometimes, ie for me the BT euro is not running, normally runs fine. Hopefully it improves soon.
      Yesterday BT sports 1 wasnt working for anyone and today its fine. hopefully it gets better over the next few days/weeks.

      • BT sports section totally gone for me. Is BT sports showing for anyone else?

        • The links are hit and miss but when they work they are one of the best links around. Bt sports 1 was working when i last check. let me know on here or twitter if you need any other help

  2. Im having trouble installing this. I’ve followed the instructions up to when you click ‘install from zip file’ but when i do nothing comes up to select so I can’t progress from there. Any ideas?

  3. I’ve installed but wen I open the addon it say bulldog streams error, check the log for more information

    • The streams are hit and miss sometimes, try bt sport 1 or another link and let m eknow if it works for you. Not all links will work as they are sometimes down and sometimes up.. But when working this addon has the best BT streams

  4. Premier League Pass (spelled, Prem’er Leauge Pass) was working perfectly. Now has two icons; film strip images neither of which work. Says: Add On required. To use this feature you must download an add-on: f4mTester
    Would you like to download this add-on?
    “Yes” results in:
    The dependency on script.video.F4mProxy version 2.2.3 could not be satisfied.

    • I have sent you an email reply, The links are abit hit and miss but when they work they are one of the best links available, especially for BT sports etc

  5. Trying to install but the repository is empty? Has been for the last 3 days. Any ideas?

  6. Hi, I have just installed bulldog but nothing showing in premier league pass is this working or under construction thanks johnf.

    • Hi John, unfortunatly it seems to be falling apart at the minute. hopefully the dev fixes the issues but am not sure as it has slowly been loosing links.

      will keep you updated if any problems

  7. hi, I’m having a problem where the links work but after about 25 sec. The feed drops. This happens with every link. Any ideas?

    • which link are you trying , i will try the same one. they are hit and miss but when they work they are excellent links

        • Alot of addons are down at the minute as they are unhappy with their links being stolen, Hopefully next few days things will get better and they will come back online

  8. On my PC, I am unable to click on any of the Premier League Pass links.

    • Hi The addons is currently down as they think their links have been stolen

  9. Why the links start to play and a minute stops. Thiis happens for all the links. The picture quality is great but as i said some links are dead and the rest work for a minute. Any comments?

  10. I recently installed Bulldogstreams, following the online instructions, I can get the app picture, but when I open it there are only two icons and they look nothing like the picture above, I can open them but then get a line of film strip, which will not open.

  11. I’ve followed steps above, clicked install from zip file, then bulldog, then repository.bulldogstreams, then repository.bulldogstreams-1.1.zip………but nothing happens…no add on enabled?


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