Tutorial How to configure AUTOSUBS to fit your viewing needs!

Hi All,

As a follow on from when we added subtitles to our TV shows and Films via my post:


You May have noticed that by default it is set to 15 minutes so subtitles will try to kick in for EVERYTHING which is more than 15 minutes long. This is not always ideal!.

Below are instructions for you to configure autosubs to start at a time which is suitable for you!!.

To configure autosubs:

  • Open Kodi
  • Select SYSTEM > Settings > Add-ons
  • Select My add-ons
  • Select Services
  • Click on Autosubs
  • Choose Configure
  • Select the EXCLUSIONS tab
  • Choose Exclude for videos with less than X minutes
  • Now choose a desired time, most movies are over 60 mins so that is a good choice but most TV shows are around 45 mins so you could choose 40 mins etc
  • Press big enter button
  • Click OK

Now when you play you movies the auto subs will not show up EVERYTIME but will hopefully only show up when you needs it (IE for movies or TV show as per your settings), Enjoy!

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