Top 5 Video Add-ons for Kodi this month / January 2016

Here is a list of the top 5 MUST HAVE addons for this month – January 2016

(No particular order, Well done to all the Devs involved in these great addons!)



Velocity from BlazeTamer was relased to the masses and is simply a must have addon for kodi fans.

Read how to install this great addon here and how to enable tract here

Cold As Ice

A great new addition which has some great links to old and new movies and tv shows. A welcome addition to the kodi scene, read how to install it here

Watch 1080P

Another great release by Metal Kettle, with some great 1080p HD links which work great, read how to install it here


This new addition to Kodi addons was released recently and currently has a few lists BUT it has PLENTY of movies and TV Shows within these lists and you can see it will only get better and better!, read how to install it here

And last but not least we MUST mention PHOENIX

Simply one of the best addons available and a MUST have for all kodi users, read how to install it here

Well done to all the Devs and to our readers ENJOY these great addons.


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