Best Kodi Addons: Current Best Working Kodi Addons (Always Up To Date)

Here is a list of the best kodi tv addons currently working great. The current must have top kodi addons are:

Covenant: (Still The best alternative to Exodus)

Covenant V2 is a fork of Exodus and also a 2nd (updated) fork of Covenant.


The great Crew Kodi Addon is a all in one addon with some nice looking icons and gives your kodi a fresh look

Magic Dragon:

Magic Dragon kodi addon is a must have Kodi addon, possibly the best all in one kodi addon available right now.

The list includes the current  best kodi tv addons for all your kodi streaming needs and will be updated regularly with changes when better addons come along.

These add ons are great for your kodi install.

If you have any Kodi No Stream issues then check the checklist and repair steps in our No Stream Error thread.

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  1. I’m having problems with “no stream available on all my addons except for Skynet.i cleared cache among other ones I got from your site and I can’t seem to fix the android box is brand new with s912 processor.


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