Tutorial how to install EVOLVE Addon

evolve addon kodi

Welcome to Evolve, Evolve is an add-on by the Evolve team. Each member of the team has their own unique section the playlists and selections are excellent. Enjoy this welcome addition to kodi!   CURRENT VERSION IS V2.0.5 Here is what you can expect after installation: To Install: Open Kodi Select SYSTEM > File Manager > Add … Read more

Problems with Phoenix addon – possible fixes

Hi All, As some of you are having problems with Valhalla streams and phoenix addon and updates here is a list of fixes to try: UPDATE: IF YOU WANT VALHALLA AND HER PLACE BACK THEN INSTALL THEIR NEW ADDON CALLED (BOB UNRESTRICTED):  https://www.yourkodi.com/tutorial-how-to-install-bob-unrestricted-feat-valhalla-for-kodi/ TO CHECK THE CURRENT VERSION OF PHOENIX CHECK HERE : https://www.yourkodi.com/phoenix-add-on-updated/ IF YOU HAVE … Read more