Tutorial how to install VIDTIME Addon for Kodi

vidtime addon for kodi

Here is a great addon from VinMan_JSV  which features TV shows and Movies and MUCH MORE, including some Rockcrusher sections and Woody’s Sections! UPDATE: VIDTIME ADDON IS NOW DEAD, TO FOLLOW ROCKCRUSHER AND DREAMWEAVER INSTALL THE NEW VORTEX ADDON! Tutorial How To Install Vortex Addon For Kodi By Rockcrusher & Dreamweaver Current version is v1.3.4: IF … Read more

Bob Addon fixes and settings explained for Kodi

bob unrestricted valhalla

Hi All, To check current version and installation instructions for Bob (unrestricted) goto: https://www.yourkodi.com/tutorial-how-to-install-bob-unrestricted-feat-valhalla-for-kodi/ To configure Bob (unrestricted) please note there are some new settings within the addon: You now have a choice to enable 3rd Party addons, Remember some links may need additional addons which are not provided by Bob, It is advisable to … Read more