Tutorial Install HevcBluray Kodi Addon – Bollywood / Hollywood addon

hevcbluray entertainment repo kodi addon

Install HevcBluray add-on From Entertainment Repo, which is a mixture of Bollywood & Hollywood films all 720p and 1080p. HevcBluray is a great addition from Entertainment repo which has movies choices for Bollywood Fans, Hollywood fans so must give it some credit for its diversity as with most of Entertainment repo addons. Here is the menu of this … Read more


best kodi addons

Hi All, To save you a lot of time and hassle here is a list of the TOP 11 MUST HAVE addons for your Kodi TV setup for February 2016. In no particular order – ALL are worthy of being in your list!: Exodus – https://www.yourkodi.com/tutorial-how-to-install-exodus-new-addon-by-lamda-the-creator-of-genesis/ Specto – https://www.yourkodi.com/tutiorial-how-to-install-specto-genesis-clone-mod-fork-for-kodi/ Phoenix – https://www.yourkodi.com/phoenix-add-on-updated/ Titan – https://www.yourkodi.com/tutorial-install-titan-addon-for-kodi-tv/ … Read more

Problems with Phoenix addon – possible fixes

Hi All, As some of you are having problems with Valhalla streams and phoenix addon and updates here is a list of fixes to try: UPDATE: IF YOU WANT VALHALLA AND HER PLACE BACK THEN INSTALL THEIR NEW ADDON CALLED (BOB UNRESTRICTED):  https://www.yourkodi.com/tutorial-how-to-install-bob-unrestricted-feat-valhalla-for-kodi/ TO CHECK THE CURRENT VERSION OF PHOENIX CHECK HERE : https://www.yourkodi.com/phoenix-add-on-updated/ IF YOU HAVE … Read more