Problems with Kodi 17 Krypton try FTMC from SuperCeleron

The guys over at Freaktab have created a fork of Kodi which is Jarvis BUT supports SSL, it is called FTMC and looks exactly like Kodi Jarvis.


So for people on low end Chinese boxes or stuck on android 4.4 this is perfect for you to try.

It is also ideal for people having issues with Kodi 17 Krypton if your box cannot handle kodi 17 or is slow etc.
Please note: this is a Kodi fork and is by no means the ultimate answer as in the long run it is advisable to upgrade your hardware and your kodi version to the latest versions!.
The Raspberry PI 3 is a great alternative for those looking to upgrade!
For those looking to try the FTMC fork the APK is here:
The official support forums for any questions are at FreakTab, please register and support the guys at FreakTab.
Please note they support MANY chinese boxes which I personally cannot support, My suggestions are Raspberry PI 3, Fire TV Box (not stick) and or Nvidia Shield TV (if you need android).
Ideally Raspberry Pi 3 or Intel NUC is best for you! (as long as you don’t need android apps)
Let me know what you think via Facebook or Twitter.

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