Kodi users router setup guide for new and pro users – DO THIS FIRST!!

Hi All,

When you first get a Kodi box you MUST do step 1 before posting any problems with your addon’s

Step 1) Once you have connected your kodi device to the internet (check that the time is correct and you have internet connection


It is also advisable to disable some settings in your router (not a lot of people do this and some users suffer no stream available errors)

I have listed the most common internet providers and how you can turn off the internet security within your router.

This is not that difficult and will resolve most NO STREAM AVAILABLE issues, especially in the UK.


You will need to disable your Smart Setup. Please click here to see how.  Please also note that the Smart Setup is a different setting to your Parental Control, therefore turning off parental control will not have an effect on your droid box function.

Switching Smart Setup on and off on the BT Home Hub 4 or Hub 5
  1. Click on Advanced Settings.
  2. Enter the admin password. …
  3. Click on Continue to Advanced Settings.
  4. Click on Home Network and then Smart Setup.
  5. Click the appropriate radio button to turn Smart Setup on or off and then click Apply.

If you have Sky internet you will need to disable your Sky Shield.

How do I switch off Sky Broadband Shield?

Although we don’t recommend it, you can switch Sky Broadband Shield off at any time.

However, we recommend changing the setting to age rating 18, which allows you access to sites suitable for adults while still being protected from malware-infected or phishing websites.

  1. Sign in to broadbandshield.sky.com with your Sky iD. If you’ve forgotten yours, you can retrieve your details or reset your password.
  2. Scroll down the page and select Switch off.

When you switch Sky Broadband Shield off, it may take around 15 minutes to be able view previously blocked websites.

EE Broadband

You will need to turn off the content lock and safeguard to allow your droid box to function correctly. Please click here to see how.

Talk Talk Broadband

If you go into your “My Account” and then select “security hub” from one of the top lines then homesafe is the left hand of the main boxes.

You might have to contact TalkTalk to disable it but the above should work fine.

Virgin Broadband

If you have Virgin internet you will need to disable your virus Safe from your Virgin user account or you will be limited to what you can view.

Turn both Virus Safe and Child Safe to off in the Web Safe section: https://my.virginmedia.com/my-apps/websafe/overview

As always check your settings BUT also make sure you Internet is safe from Intruders, Disabling some of these settings will fix some links and NO STREAM errors,

After doing the above then also make sure you try:




Good luck and happy streaming!!

Any problems let me know via Facebook and Twitter.

21 thoughts on “Kodi users router setup guide for new and pro users – DO THIS FIRST!!”

  1. I just got new Internet installed and now I can’t get anything on exodus

    • Similar to you i can’t download fusion. My internet was not changed and it works. I am getting a message from kodi when i try to download the add in expdus that the application could not be retrieved and that it could be a network connection. do you still want to download? Something to that effect. I can’t download it even though i’m typing everything correctly. Can you help me? I don’t think the site is down. Please please let me know what to do.

  2. When trying to watch a show or movie sometimes it doesn’t load and sometimes it starts but skips alot and sometimes it will randomly stop playing how do I fix it I have kyrpton 17.1 and Exodus

  3. Hi Guys, love your work!!
    my issue is i downloaded kodi on the playstore, entered the add ons fusion and another. after i input the add on, it says “Couldnt connect to network server”. do you know what i can do to fix it? before the new version everything was working fine, now i cant access anything. Im using a nexus player.

  4. Exodus quits working after movie or tv show is selected. Working label just spins but then just stops. Other add ones work fine. Help!

  5. similar problems to those above, exodus has sowed to a crawl when listing providers, and when streaming program, it stops and starts alot. All was OK until after some update or other in the last week.

  6. I am getting a no stream available when trying to watch most movies and shows on exodus. I have cleared cache and providers, but it still isn’t working. I have never had an issue before. What would my next steps be?

  7. I have links available to watch but every link goes to 0%buffering and does not stream.

    • who is your isp with?
      have you tried on a mobile phone or tablet?
      what box do you have?
      do any other addons work?

  8. Having issues since Friday when I updated to kodi 17.1.

    Exodus movies work but if I try and click on any menu option in tv shows nothing happens. I can’t even get a list of shows. For some reason people watching option works but no posters load up if I try click on a show nothing happens. It never takes me to the sources page.

  9. I just installed Cody 17 and Exodus on my Amazon fire stick. I am able to view just about any movie, but every time I attempt to ANY tv show it says “no stream available” Any suggestions?

    • have you adjusted your routers settings? as per my website?, search for ‘router’

  10. Just got a new router. Can get exodus. I search for a show, movie, person, tv show, etc – it searches for a moment and nothing comes up. No lists or anything

    • what version of the addon do u have?, also did disable all blocks in your router?


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