Bob Addon fixes and settings explained for Kodi

Hi All,

To check current version and installation instructions for Bob (unrestricted) goto:

To configure Bob (unrestricted) please note there are some new settings within the addon:

  • You now have a choice to enable 3rd Party addons, Remember some links may need additional addons which are not provided by Bob, It is advisable to select this option if you trust the links and addons but off course the choice is yours.

To do this:

Bob will now automatically install any 3rd party addons and repos to help the addon work better.

  • As you may or may not know Openload and have a new pairing system (you need to follow the instruction and PAIR from your PC/Laptop before you can open the links in Kodi. These links are often VERY good and it is your choice if you want to enable these. The Devs at Bob have disabled these but have given you the option to enable these links if you choose to:

This is fine to do, follow the instructions for and and PAIR them on a PC or Laptop, then you will be able to watch the links on Kodi for 4 Hours before you will have to PAIR again (see below)


To do this:

  • From Bob Main menu goto settings
  • Click on General Tab
  • Enable Openload or as per your needs
  • Select Done

Bob openload settings kodi

  • If you want to have some fun with the new Bob messages and want to gamble with some possibly offensive but funny messages then Enable the tab in Message Options (above)
  • You know have an option to Turn Off Messages all together since update 1.2.2

To do this select the tabs below (settings/General Tab)

bob addon kodi message toggle

Let us know how you much you like this addon and if you need any help with Kodi via Facebook or Twitter.





34 thoughts on “Bob Addon fixes and settings explained for Kodi”

  1. Hi, I really want to get stuck in with this addon but for some reason on my mbox the videos won’t play. It’s installed perfectly fine and I’ve tried everything I’ve seen suggested but just no luck, seem to just keep getting errors. Any advice? Much appreciated.

  2. Do the insanity workouts not work anymore? I did the update with BOB and opened the third party addons and still they will not work any help would be great thanks.

    • Hi please contact blue or valhalla via twitter and see if they can add them for you, I will sent them a message on your behalf now as it goes

  3. When I installed bob addon it and try to open somethings it says dependency missing install script URL resolverto fix non direct links .I have URL resolver and it is up to date. Thanks

  4. It been working. But now it just trying to load and then it stops, like not successfull. I added all the settings. Tryed to reinstall it but still no luck?

  5. Hi,I’ve installed bob,the latest version 1.2.5 but on the settings menu there’s no way of allowing 3rd party addons, there is 2 options: the general tab or Dev Mode, in the general tab there’s a option to enable metadata which was already selected, the other options are to allow openload links and the links,and that’s all

  6. I just upgraded to kodi krypton. Bob is normally my go-to add on, but everything comes up as “unplayable stream.” Any suggestions?

  7. 03-26-2017 08:45am
    Are there still server issues this morning?? “Working ” box shows – but nothing happens – same for all objects??

  8. I just installed Bob version 1.3.15 and everytime I open it, I keep getting sent to a page with one file named “My Bob.” If I click this, I get nothing. All the other stuff is gone. Can anyone fix this and Kodi 17.3 in general. Lots of crashes and all programs are unstable.


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